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If it is not safe, do not do it!

CK Civils Ltd is fully committed to the achievement and implementation of all relevant Health & Safety laws, regulations and codes of practice. Our aim is to ensure that a safe environment is provided for all members of staff and the general public. Every one of our colleagues and subcontractors has stop work authority with an if it is not safe, do not do it mentality. We reinforced this through continuous training, site procedures and risk assessments.

Incidents are Preventable

We believe that every incident is preventable and can be mitigated by use of all necessary precautions, good communication and training.

Public Safety

Public safety is a critical part of our environmental and health & safety programmes. Our main objective is to prevent ill health and injury to all members of public that are affected by our works.

Personal injury and Health Hazards

We provide all necessary tools and regularly carry out training and development both as a team and on a one to one basis to ensure that all risk to personal injury and health hazards are mitigated.

Legal Obligations

We regularly review and maintain all our health & safety policies with up-to-date legislations to ensure that we exceed the company's legal obligations to health & Safety.




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