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Save our Planet!

CK Civils Ltd recognise how important it is for us to play our part in protecting our environment hence the reason why we are fully committed to exceeding the requirements of all relevant environmental legislation and codes of practice. Care for the environment is a top priority in our decision making and business strategy ensuring that we only buy products and materials which cause the list negative impact to the environment.

Reduce Energy consumption

We try our best to ensure that we minimised the use of energy usage as much as possible and where the use of energy is unavoidable, we ensure that we try our utmost best to use products with an A+ rating.

Reduce Water Consumption

Although water consumption is unavoidable, we ensure to put in place all necessary steps to prevent water wastage and also try our very best to recycle as much water as possible.

Greener Fleet

We are in the ongoing process of converting our entire fleet to greener and more environmentally friendly vehicles/Machinery.

Recycle of Waste Materials

We regularly review and ensure that all aggregates/materials purchased are from a recycled source and all waste materials are taken to relevant recycling plants unless unavoidable.

Download our environmental policy.